Saturday, February 16, 2008

I am plagued by viruses. The first of which claimed my body causing me pain and ringing in both ears, a pressure in my neck akin to the sensation of a blood pressure cuff being inflated around it, high blood pressure, and general malaise. The second claimed my computer for over 3 weeks. Together, they claimed my motivation, inspiration, and general good cheer.

Armed with new anti-viral software, a reformatted hard drive, and a round of nuclear antibiotics aimed at erradicating the plethora of secondary bacterial infections which ensued, I found myself back in the blogosphere, but wearily so (as the physical symptoms of ringing, pain, and pressure have yet to subside).

In my viral-imposed hiatus from the internet, I discoverd something. And one of my fellow bloggers articulated the same idea quite well. I have been hanging out in the virtual world in a feeble attempt to avoid some things in the real one. And we all know that avoidance and denial can only go on so long before karma, life, or the great schemer kicks you in the ass and shouts, "Wake up!"

So, I've got some real living to do for awhile that may keep me from visiting here as regularly as I'd like to. But I'll try to keep every one posted on the comings and goings of the "peanuts." And rest assured, I am still reading fellow bloggers. I find inspiration, motivation, and hope in your posts, and will chime in from time to time to tell you so. But as far as my own blogging goes, I've reached a crossroads where in the face of some fairly important issues needing desperate attention, it seems too trivial to report on the banalities of every day life.

But I'll be back. I always am. Until then dear readers....until then.