Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Madeline Alice Spohr

I haven't been around much lately, I know. The computer crashed sometime back, and we only just recently replaced it. Besides, I'd kind of lost my momentum here, and really just needed a break from it.

So much has happened since my last post. There seemed to be so much to catch up on. But suddenly it all seems so trivial, so insignificant.

I logged on today to find out that a dear, sweet baby girl whose story I'd followed for over a year now has passed away. Madeline Alice Spohr. "Maddie" as her parents Mike and Heather have called her. She was magic. Absolutely the embodiment of magic which poured from her luscious blue eyes and toothy grin. Reading her story brought light to my world every time I visited her blog. She was a remarkable little girl who because of the devotion of her mother touched the lives of so many people. I will miss reading her story. I will miss that beautiful face. But most of all, I'll miss her magic.

Thank you sweet Maddie. Breathe easy my love. You are an angel to us all.

***please visit the March of Dimes and donate in Maddie's name if you can***