Friday, December 8, 2006

7 months and counting....

As I mentioned in previous posts, we moved here last May, but only moved into our new home at the end of October. For our first 6 months, while Doug attended the police academy, my kids and I stayed with my parents who graciously hosted us and provided us with a temporary home. During that time, I continued my diligent documentation of the kids' growth with our digital and video cameras. Unfortunately, our computer was still in storage while we looked for real estate, so I never got a chance to download any of the pictures until two nights ago. Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy.

Doug managed to snap this picture as Nicky woke up from a nap on the sofa. He'll never forgive me for this. But hey, that's the fun of having kids, right?

Emma's first tricycle experience (June). Needless to say, Doug did more pushing than Emma did pedaling.

The kids and I sometime in June.

Doug and the kids around that same time.

"Hippy" Emma on the 4th of July. She decided that the stars and stripes dress she has on was not "cool" enough and asked for this t-shirt and my hair band.

No caption necessary! I just love this picture. Perhaps it was insensitive of me to snap it while she was having a meltdown, but hey, I believe in documenting ALL parts of childhood. She'll thank me for it someday. Besides, I gave her big hugs afterwards and let her see herself on the camera....which of course made it all better for her.

Our little "peanut."

This is what happens when you give Emma the choice of which shoes she wants to wear. Uh...yeah, those are rain boots and this is September in South Carolina which is still in the high 80's with not a drop in sight.

Nicky's first trip to the pumpkin patch.

Emma found a new "friend" on our trip to Boone Hall Plantation for the "Taste of Charleston" festival.

Cookie monster "practicing" for Halloween. We did at least 2 days of practice runs, teaching her to say, "Trick or Treat," which came out as "Tick or Teat," and she still panicked when we rang our first doorbell. Apparently she didn't realize that a complete stranger would come to the door and she'd have to say, "Trick or Treat," to them. I think she thought that I would always be the one giving out the candy. Hey kid, you live and learn. Needless to say, after she got her first piece of candy, she was FEARLESS!

My little "peanut" is growing up so quickly! (He's about 7.5 months old in this picture wearing 18 month clothing.)

And his big sister is really starting to warm up to him!

Emma all dressed up for her first trip to the movies with "Ama" (that's what she calls my mom). She saw "Happy Feet" and LOVED it! Note the purse in one hand and little toy dragon in the other. That's my girl.

Nicky "chillin" in his chair.

Before and after the bath. Enough said.

Look who learned how to pull himself up to standing. And of course he's now doing it at 2am and then crying because he can't get down. I will sleep through the night uninterupted in this lifetime, right?

So that's a brief glimpse of life in our little family over the last 7 months. If you want the most recent picture, scroll down to my first post. That's a picture of us last Wednesday in front of our living room window.

and so it goes....


Soundsurfr said...

Awesome. Great way to keep us up to speed, Cackalakians! Hopefully parking is a less stressfull experience for you guys, now that you're in Mayberry. You can save your homicidal ravings for the politicos.


KHS said...

So I'm thinkin' you can't really call him a peanut when he's wearing size 18 month clothes at only 7.5 months of age. That's how are Marcie got the nickname "Buddha Baby." Is that insensitive? Though I personally prefer "Pumpkin Pie." My favorite photos are the "loser" photo of N. And of course E all gussied up for an afternoon out with her grandma. And boy, do your kids have your rosy cheeks or what?!?

dfg said...

Hey G, don't even get me started on the politicos around here! That's a blog posting for another day. I'm still too hot under the collar after our most recent state elections to post a rationally constructed message.
Miss you guys!