Thursday, December 7, 2006

on the band wagon...

So just about everyone I know has one of these things going, and frankly, I'm hooked! It all seems like a great way to keep up with people in our increasingly high-tech and otherwise alienating world. Not to mention the fact that with two small children (9 mos & 2 years), I don't have much time for phone calls, emails, or any other form of correspondence. And when I do have time for the occasional phone call, someone is usually whining or screaming in the background. So, in the interest of everyone's peace of mind, including my own, I figured this was a nice way to post the happenings of our little family and keep anyone who's interested updated.'s front of our new house! Yes, we moved to this little South Carolinian corner of the world and purchased our first home. The house is great....the adjustment to living in the south as a self-proclaimed liberal New Englander is not. I'm constantly in awe of things down here, the absurdity of which I'll be sure to mention from time to time, but I think the title of the blog says it all. So this is it, our life in South Cackalackie.


Derek Arteta said...

OMG! I can't handle you as a mother!!! What happened to my Boone's drinking buddy? Your kids look adorable!!!! Congrats on the new house, Stanklano :)



P.S. Calendar January 7th on your tivo, and tell it to record "The Apprentice" -- I think you'll be surprised :)

Jesse said...

Did Sigorney Weaver have kids? And they turned out so cute? What the hell?

KHS said...

Great family photo-- Congrats on the new home! What a beautiful family!


jessicagm said...

Are you parking on the front lawn or is there a boat attached to any part of your property?
Your kids are so cute! We have to catch up. I miss you and your family!
PS. Don't be an asshole

carol said...

Jessica, Where did you EVER learn such an expression???!!...and Derek, have you been to the STATE of Cincinnati lately???
And you are ALL right.....MY grandkids are beautiful..and intelligent..actually BRILLIANT!!!