Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Like the Energizer Bunny,

It just goes on, and on, and on, and on....

So Nick is now on the baby version of an inhaler, a stronger antibiotic, prescription strength cough medicine, and ibuprofen as needed. All this for a kid whose mother HATES the idea of using medication. I'm all about the natural, homeopathic remedies, or just plain letting the body do it's job. But when you take your son to the doctor and the letters RSV get kicked around, particularly if you know how serious this can get, you concede to the medications. My poor baby. My little peanut. I hate overwhelming his system with all this gunk, but I have to admit, that since he's been on them, particularly the inhaler, there is an obvious improvement in his condition. So much for my tree-hugging, herb-taking, immune-boosting homeopathy. The inhaler did the job in two doses. My little boy can breathe comfortably again for the first time in 3 days. Score report: Pfizer = 1, Galluccio homeopathy = 0.

Incidentally, although it doesn't feel that way to me, Emma took a turn for the worse today. She still is no where near the severity that Nicky was this morning or a couple of nights ago, but she's pretty miserable, despite her few attempts to rally during the day. This virus is a sneaky one. It's lulled me into a false sense of security twice now, thinking that I was over the worst of it, only to find, "worst," comin' 'round the bend.

So the beat goes on. But I am DETERMINED to write something more positive in this blog about my kids and their health in the next few days. I've already got some great photos lined up, and thoughts on bedtime rituals shared between Emma and myself. But seeing as how it's my bedtime, and I haven't slept well lately (I wonder why), it'll all have to wait for another quiet evening when the drugs have been administered and everyone is able to sleep soundly through the night....or at least until I can finish a blog entry.

In the words of Emma's bedtime song, "Time a' go nite-nites. Time a' go nite-nites. It's time for (Mommy) to go to bed! See you tomorrow."

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