Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Princess and the Peas

She's 3. We did it. And it's only now that I realize my delay in posting was really a feeble attempt at denial. She's 3. There's no stopping it. And each new stage brings with it new wonderment, new challenges, immense joy, and a bit of heartache for lost days.

And her day was perfect.

For all the fretting I did (and Amanda, I know you get this more than most), she matched my anxiety with greater enthusiasm and joy. It's all I could've wished for.

So, she's 3 now. She's no longer my little "boo baby", she's a full grown princess...

...but she still hates peas. And I relish the constancy of these small idiosyncrasies that make my beautiful, beloved Emma all mine.


Amanda said...

Oh you! This was beautiful, and yes, I get it. These little forces of nature that grip our hearts, how lucky we are to have them, evven if it does feel already, that it is fleeting.

Congratulations to a super mama and a beautiful princess.

Amanda said...

Oooh, ooh, ooh, just got your second comment. Yes, yes, yes! I spoke to another mom a few months ahead of me in this new venture and she said we are already doing it with two, it's just more joy. And three is potty training time, so it's not like you'd need an extra cart for diapers...:)

Stefani said...

My youngest just turned 3 in July. She is still the baby here in the house until her brother comes in January.