Thursday, December 20, 2007

On the Eighth Day of Christmas....

....I turned 34.

In honor of this momentous day (at least in my mom's and my life), I bring you:

The Pros and Cons of a Birthday 5 Days Before Christmas...

Pro: So many twinkle lights that you almost feel like they've been put there just for you.
Con: So many twinkle lights that you ALMOST feel like they've been put there just for you.

Pro: The decorations are beautiful.
Con: The decorations have absolutely NOTHING to do with you or your birthday.

Pro: It's usually pretty easy to find yourself off of work or school because you were taking vacation anyway.
Con: All of your friends are also on vacation, usually in another part of the country, and so no one is available to help you celebrate.

Pro: All those tasty cookies.
Con: So many cookies that no one wants cake.

Pro: It's your birthday and aren't all birthdays good no matter when they are.
Con: It's also Jesus' birthday.
(Picture me here holding out my hands, one on each side, moving them up and down like a scale, saying, "Jesus' birthday," while moving one up, and "Danielle's birthday," while simultaneously moving the other down. It think you get the point here.)

Pro: Presnts.
Con: All of them are combination birthday/Christmas presents and are wrapped in Christmas paper.

Pro: Birthday money.
Con: All of it spent on other people's Christmas presents.

Pro: The sweet cards.
Con: They all read, "Hey Christmas baby....."

And I wonder why I've always had a love/hate relationship with this holiday.

Moral of the story....plan your conception activities so the kid is born sometime between February and November, NOT around Christmas. Or, at least if it is, have the sensitivity of my mother (who's birthday is tomorrow and also suffered the misfortunes of a Christmas birthday growing up) and make sure to go ABOVE and BEYOND in making it feel like a separate, special occasion, even down to stealing and re-wrapping your friends presents in birthday paper. Thanks mom. The mani/pedi/latte/lunch was great!

I'm chock full of sugary, buttercreamy goodness. And now I'm off to indulge in a bath with my new smelly bath stuff in my nice clean (thanks Doug) tub, while listening to my new i-thingy.

Hello 34, I'm Danielle.


Magpie said...

Happy birthday. Mine's four days AFTER Christmas, so I could write nearly the same list.

thirtysomething said...

Happy Birthday to you! I will meet 33 next summer. Two of my children have birthdays within a month before Christmas and we always make sure it is their affair and not holiday related, but 5 days before Christmas is clearly a different story!
GLad you had a good day anyway, and the bubble bath with the i-thingy( too cute) sounds like heaven to me!

Ruth said...


Joanna said...

Happy Birthday! And wise advice; we're thinking of trying out summer half-birthdays when the boy is older!

Amanda said...

I'm dying here, tell us you didn't drop the i-thingie in the tub...

Happiest of days to you, friend!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday, and believe me, I get at least some of this, since my husband's birthday is actually on Christmas.

slouching mom said...

I'd say Happy Birthday, but because today is Jan. 26th, it may not be all that relevant, LOL!

I will tell you that Jack's birthday is Dec. 18th, and he hasn't figured out yet just how annoying that is going to be for him!

Damselfly said...

Aw, I can relate. My birthday is earlier in December, but still.... I have definitely done the "use birthday money to buy Christmas presents" thing! Another hazard is that I can't remember if something was a birthday gift or a Christmas gift. I used to complain to my parents that I had to wait *all year* for a present. They didn't get it.

A friend's family with a lot of holiday-timed birthdays celebrates half-birthdays to spread out the love a bit. I think that's genius! Instead of celebrating in December, they celebrate in June.