Monday, December 10, 2007


On the way into our local grocery store...

Emma: Mommy, I'm going to walk. I'm not going to ride in a cart, but Nicky is going to ride in the cart because he's just a baby. I'm not a baby, and I'm going to walk because I am.... independent (pronounced perfectly I might add).

She then proceeded to walk through the sliding doors with a haughty swagger that I'd never seen in her step before. And with each step, she took a little piece of my heart with her.

Seriously. My barely 3 year old daughter has officially declared herself, "independent!?!" C'mon. I expected this at 16, but 3!?! Seriously.


Amanda said...

Oh, no, I think it's pretty clear that it is defiant toddler behavior we ought to be expecting at 16.

thirtysomething said...

Oh, oh, I know.My Journey recently turned 5, and as I watched her that day, reminiscing, I saw her do some very not-so-little- girl things. It is fun to watch them grow up, and at the same time ya wanna just grab on to their little hands and not let go!

Thanks for the visit to my blog recently. I am only now just getting back in touch b/c I have been down with the flu for a week..uugghh. Your blog is great! Your kids are adorable! I will be back!