Thursday, August 28, 2008

One Down... many more to go....weeks that is.

So we made it through our first full week of school (well, we will tomorrow anyway - I hope I didn't jinx that by typing this the night before).

Here's the recap:

Crying fits: 1
Trips to time out chair (he likes to push kids out of the way when he wants something): 2
Giggles: too numerous to count
Dirty knees (I always say, "A dirty kid is a kid who's having fun!"): 10
Bug bites: 6
"Mommy I drew sumfing."s: 4
Lunches eaten: 5
General exuberance: infinite

and now...

Vomit: twice
Screaming: 80 decibles
Shrieking for mommy: 56 times
Lunches eaten: 0
Tear stained cheeks: 10
Hyper-ventilating: daily from 7:30 - 8:00am
Calls to counselor for assessment: 2
General anxiety: infinite

Are ya' seeing a pattern here?
Uh yeah. Me too. Got any advice? 'Cause at this point, advice....priceless!

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