Monday, April 30, 2007

My Gems

Every now and then, I scan through our digital photos and find some gems. They're pictures that capture the quirky, goofy, touching, and sometimes odd moments that adorn the days of my life. So, without further ado...

This is what happens when your sleep deprived husband is left alone to watch the children. I think the kids were in the kitchen playing with knives or something. But doesn't he look like he's having fun?

Emma has gotten VERY "girly" lately. She asserts her newfound gender identity by demanding to wear "pretty dresses" and her "joory" (I just love the way she says, "jewelry,") every day. One other thing she's caught on to is how I wrap my hair after a shower. Naturally, using my example as her guide to femininity (she has NO IDEA what kind of trouble she's in here), she demanded that I start wrapping her hair after her bath.

Incidentally, her aggressive and often over-bearing, not to mention stereotypical, assertion of her gender as of late had become a source of concern for me given my strong opinions about the insanely oppressive stereotypes of women in this culture. However, with a little research, I came to realize that this behavior is not only completely normal, but a bit of an experiment on her part. Young children really only know how to do things or identify with the world in extremes (all parents should insert the word, "duh," here). And since Emma is at the age where she is realizing the differences between herself and her familial male counterparts, she is, in keeping with her larger-than-life persona, asserting her femininity to the extreme. In time, she'll come to realize that being a woman is not at all about dresses and jewelry, but about more subtle nuances of character and grace. And....if she doesn't come to realize that, well then, she's gonna' have to find someone else to go shopping with because this self-proclaimed tomboy and feminist is NOT visiting the makeup counter at Macy's anytime soon. But she does look damn cute in those dresses, I have to admit.

Finally, if this doesn't epitomize grandparents, I don't know what does...sandwiched between the two, delightfully devouring the pages of a book.

Here's another with grandpa "Aca"...

Those are just a few of my precious gems. I don't have a lot in my "joory" box, but my heart is full.

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russell said...

Whatever you do, just please don't tell me that the grown man in the playpen has access to firearms.