Monday, April 30, 2007

Supermom Strikes Again

Um...Nicky's walking. Yeah. In the same week that my toddler is potty trained. Actually, before she was potty trained by a few days. I'd like to sit here and brag about how I totally masterminded the accomplishment of these two milestones in ONE week, but as I said before, I'm seasoned enough at this mommy thing now to know that I am TOTALLY not in control here. So I'll just relish watching my son's wobbly steps as he toddles after my daughter heading for the bathroom.

Aah. Bliss.

Ok. This isn't actually Nicky walking. I don't have any photos of that, lots of video, but no stills...which, when you think about it makes sense. You can't get stills of an action.

Anyway, I just love this picture because it's Nicky's Pavlovian response to the sight of a camera. He just loves to say, "Cheese." Of course, coming from him it sounds more like, "Sheeeejsh." Oh...did I mention he's talking too. Man, I'm good. Ok...not really. But the milestones are coming fast and furious these days. It's getting fun around here!

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