Thursday, August 30, 2007

No Words......

As an obviously critical resident of the great state of South Carolina, I feel compelled to comment on this one. And yet, I am at a complete loss for words as to what exactly to say. The absolute horror of it all has literally rendered me speechless. And those who know me know that that is quite hard to do! Besides, I think it speaks for itself.

But if I were to comment, where would I start...with the absurdity of the American pageant system which tries to mask itself as "scholarship opportunities" for young women when in reality it's yet another opportunity to objectify and reduce them down to their respective body parts? (And incidentally, what scholarship do you know of that requires a woman to wear a bikini?!?) Or do we address the absolute bastardization of thought and language, most likely a result of the complete lack of exposure to quality education, exhibited by this state's hopeful representative?

In the end, this momentous display of stupidity only serves to solidify two points that I have reiterated time and again....pageants are a mockery, and South Carolina's education system is failing. How convenient that these two ideas are neatly packaged into one glossed, coiffed, tucked, highlighted, and overly made-up package. I only hope that she can live this down someday.

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AmandaD said...

I suffered as she stammered. I think it definitely frames up nicely what has come to be most valued in many parts of our society.

And, yes, a thousand times yes, we are going to be "virtually" at that party. You can't know how much the invite meant!