Friday, September 7, 2007

South Cackalackie Strikes Again

I think I may know why Miss South Carolina gave such an idiotic answer to her interview question. She was asked the wrong one! And the source of all this dates all the way back to her preschool education.

Apparently, here in good ol' South Cackalackie, the preschool curriculum emphasizes (get ready for it).... creationism over learning letters, numbers, colors, etc. Yes folks, my daughter has been in preschool for 2 weeks now, and has yet to go over a single letter, number, color, day of the week, month of the year, etc. Lucky for her (or perhaps not so lucky), her mother is a teacher and I have been going over these things for months so she's mastered her alphabet, letter sounds, counting to 30, colors, and is learning to read all before the age of 3. Nevertheless, she is deep in the throes of learning about God and how He created the universe and everything in it.

This alarming revelation (no pun intended here) came to me via the preschool's weekly take-home newsletter which proudly announced that the children are working on a "Creation Book." This was followed by a matter of fact statement that read, "...teaching them that God created everything." Nowhere in the letter did it mention that they would be going over letter sounds or other such useful material.

And I'm not sure what's more frightening here, the blind acceptance of a theory that has insurmountable evidence to the contrary, or the even more nearsighted commitment to indoctrinating children with this ridiculous theory in lieu of mastering basic life skills. And people wonder why children in this state do so poorly on standardized tests. Perhaps if the tests asked questions like, "How many days did it take God to create the universe?" they'd do better and learn some numbers in the process!

So, Miss South Carolina, should you find yourself tripping through cyberspace (unlikely as she probably can't identify what those funny shapes are on the keyboard) and stumble upon this blog, let me say this, it was not your fault. They simply asked you the wrong question. They should've asked you, "Where does everything come from?" And you could've avoided the life-altering embarrassment of your complete inability to use English syntax and grammar by simply stating with the utmost of blind ignorance, "Why....God of course." And at least 95% of the residents of this great state would've cheered wildly....or at least the preschool teachers would've

God help me......who or whatever it is.

Oh...did I mention that we'll be shopping for a new preschool?


KHS said...

Oh, my! Is it even a church-affiliated preschool? Lots of public schools have creationism as part of the required curriculum-- not usually called creationism anymore (they think that by calling it intelligent design and using scientific words, we'll see it as a scientific theory!). . .

Good luck with the school hunt!
Karen in San Diego

The Farmers Wife said...

This blows me away.

As an atheist I want my children to taught about many religions and belief systems so that they can grow an understanding and tolerance of other peoples beliefs and choose which, if any, they believe in themselves.

I can not beleive you live in a place where they force this teaching as the one and only truth on children of such a tender age and that they think this is more important than reading and writing and other essential skills in life.