Thursday, December 6, 2007

Just blog it!

If you're like me, you find the holidays a bit daunting, dare I say, even sickeningly overwhelming. So, to add a bit of levity to the season (and in a vain attempt to keep myself from blurting out my usual tactless comments in public venues), I am taking up asylum in the blogging world and issuing a challenge to my fellow bloggers.

In the spirit of The Twelve Days of Christmas, we'll call this, "What the Season brought for me..."

Here's the deal. Starting on December 13th and working through the 24th, write something every day for 12 days about your Christmas/holiday/Chanukah/Kwanza/"Non-sectarian gift-givers" experience. The good. The bad. The ugly. The ridiculous. The sappy. The stressful. Whatever. Just blog it! On December 13th...."T'was the first day of (insert appropriate holiday title here) and the season brought for me....." And together, maybe we'll make it through this holiday season somewhat unscathed.



Karen said...

If I had any skill, I'd make a little button for this and post it on my blog to let people know I was getting ready to "Just Blog It- Holiday-style!" We could pass around the button and spread the joy . . .
Karen in San Diego

Karen said...

Wait. I did it! I added the Just Blog it! Holiday Style with directions to my page. Steal the button by right-clicking and saving it as a gif and then add it to yours-- we'll start a revolution!